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COVID-19 Guidelines 

Please be aware and understand that the ability to conduct events relies solely on following these policies and taking every precautionary measure to keep all individuals involved in the event as safe as possible. 

If you are showing any symptoms related to Covid-19 please do not attend the event.  Full refunds will be issued.  If at any time during your round, you begin to feel any symptoms we ask that you withdraw and leave the property. 

These policies will be in place until further notice and could be altered without notice based on recommendations from the CDC, WHO, Ohio Department of Health and Local Department of Health.

Physical distancing is the concept of staying six feet from another person when possible as suggested by the Ohio Department of Health.  If persons are from the same household, physical distancing is not required. 

Egregious disregard for the safety of others may result in disqualification from the event.   
Prior to Arriving at Event 
  • Each participate must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability.  MVGA Staff will email each contestant upon their completed registration a Adobe E-Sign Document that must be completed electronically prior to arrival on the site.   (Copy of Document for Review)

Arriving at an event

  • Participants should not arrive at the facility more than 30 minutes prior to their tee time. 
  • Participants should eliminate the need to enter the clubhouse prior to their tee time.
30 minutes prior to tee time 
  • Practice facilities will be available 30 minutes prior to participants tee time.  Stations on the driving range will be set up with the appropriate physical distancing per the host facility. PLEASE do not create your own spot.
  • Other practice areas may be available, but we ask that you respect physical distancing.
  • Golfers shall be offered flexibility related to cart use, including the option to walk or ride in a cart alone. 
Starting Hole when used for scored events 
  • Physical distancing must always be maintained.
  • Participants should refrain from shaking hands or other contact.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available, and we encourage you to use hand sanitizer periodically. 
  • Physical scorecards will not be handed out.  All scoring will be available through the USGA TM powered by Golf Genius mobile app.  Instructions for download will be emailed with pairings. 
  • Rules/Hole Location Sheets will be emailed to players prior and available for pickup at your starting hole.  To minimize touch point we advise you print out before arrival
Scoring Area 
  • Physical distancing must always be maintained .
  • Please use hand sanitizer prior to entering scoring area.
  • One group at a time!
  • After players agree on the scores that are entered the USGA TM app, each player will verbally confirm with the scoring official that the hole by hole scores for themselves is correct. 
  • After all players have verbally confirmed the scores, all persons must leave the area immediately. 
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon leaving the scoring area.
  • There will not be a handwritten scoreboard.  Leaderboards will be available online 
Post Scoring 
  • Players must leave the property after scoring.  Please do not congregate!
  • The practice range will only be open if the host club has not closed the practice range for the day. 
  • Other practice facilities may be open, but please ensure physical distancing. 
Discontinuance of Play 
  • During any delay prior or during the round, we ask all players to return to their cars.  Texting, Email and website updates on the event portal will be used to communicate information. 
  • All practice facilities will be closed during in round weather delays and will not open prior to resumption for those who have already begun their round.  
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