Score Frequency and Probability Table
*A Net Handicap Differential is the Handicap Differential for a particular score minus the player's Handicap Index. This becomes a negative value when the Handicap Differential for a score is lower than the player's Handicap Index.
The values in the table represent the average number of rounds it takes to score a given Net Handicap Differential EQUAL TO OR BETTER THAN the value in the left column.
 Example: A player with a Handicap Index of 10.5 shoots a 74 from a set of tees with a USGA Course Rating of 70.2 and a Slope Rating of 126.
(74 - 70.2) = 3.8 x 113 / 126 = 3.4 Handicap Differential
3.4 - 10.5 = - 7.1 Net Differential
From the table, it would take an average of 535 rounds to score this Net Handicap Differential or better for a player in the 10.0 to 14.9 Handicap Index range. The probability can be determined by taking 1 divided by the table value; thus the probability of this occurring is  1 in 535.
Note: The values in the table were derived from an analysis of over 7.3 million scores posted by players with a Handicap Index.

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